A Euroasian research team on Capitalisms, Technologies, Society and Health (CTSH)

In 2021, EHESS has launched a new program offering its research centers the possibility of creating a “Triennial International Team” (EIT). This temporary structure, supported by several EHESS centers, is designed for a three-year period and aims to provide a framework, which is both sufficiently permanent and flexible, for conducting research in collaboration with foreign colleagues. Within this framework, our project aims to build and consolidate a Eurasian research team around the issues of capitalism, technologies, societies and health. It is the result of a meeting between several research projects that have been developed until now in parallel and that we are carrying out with our colleagues:

  • A first line of convergence is the Europe-Asia dialogue on “Science, technology studies” (STS). As indicated in the project, we are convinced of the considerable contribution of the dialogue with Asian colleagues and specialists in Asia. This dialogue has the potential to change the trajectory of this field of research.

  • A second line of convergence strongly linked to the first refers to the analysis of the links between technologies and companies, whose book Innovation beyond technology – edited by Sébastien Lechevalier and to which Jean-Paul Gaudillière contributed, along with several EHESS and Japanese colleagues – has crystallized the research agenda by putting the issues of health, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies at its center.

  • A third line starts from a result of regulation theory on the “anthropogenetic” regime, the importance of which is revealed by the current crisis. This regime does not only concern health, but health is one of its cornerstones, which justifies the importance given to it in the project, including from the point of view of the analysis of Asian capitalisms.

In total, this project involves 3 EHESS research centers (CCJ, Cermes3 and CAK) as well as the France-Japan Foundation, which is committed to coordinating and financially supporting the project. We have taken care to involve young researchers and we hope to be able to make our initiative benefit colleagues and students from EHESS, beyond our team. Indeed, if the core of the latter is already established, we hope that other colleagues will be able to join us on the Condorcet Campus, thus structuring a new research axis within the latter.

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