Participation at SASE Annual meeting 2022

EVENT – 9 July to 11 July 2022

Participation at SASE Annual meeting 2022

Panel: Varieties of Public Health Responses to Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis is puzzling in several ways. First, it revealed the fragility of global health governance ( as well as regional health governance), despite increases in shared technology and globalized professional networks. Second, the Covid-19 crisis presented great and puzzling divergences in public health performance and responses. In particular, some of the countries with the best and most prepared health care systems (the US, the UK, Europe) ended performing poorly and being overrun by the first phase of Covid-19, even though they did come back with a rapid innovative response in the second phase (m RNA vaccines). Meanwhile, East Asian, Oceanian, and African countries mostly proved more resilient in the first phase of Covid-19. Third, the Covid-19 crisis has shown great fluidity and variation across the time, as the crisis cycles through phases (from Covid classic to Delta and Omicron phases in particular).

This panel focuses on the lessons we can draw for public health from those puzzles at all three levels: global, regional, and comparative national levels. The panel draws deeper implications for the connections between health, capitalism, governance, society, and technology.


Jean-Paul Gaudilliere, EHESS – “Globalization, Health and the Challenges of Covid-19”

Robert Boyer, Institute of the Americas – “The Lessons of Covid-19 or the Centrality of Public Health”

Yves Tiberghien, University of British Columbia – “Explaining the Diverse Comparative Performance of East Asian Cases during Three Phases of Covid-19: Classic Covid, Delta, and Omicron”

Wenhua Kuo, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University – “Medico-Political Landscape of Heath Technology: Vaccine and Cross-Strait Politics”


Cornelia Storz, Goethe University Frankfurt


Sébastien Lechevalier, EHESS-FFJ


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