Centre for research on medicine, science, health, mental health, and society (CERMES3)

CERMES3 is a multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to the social analysis of transformations in the fields of the sciences, medicine and health, as well as their relationships with society. In its current programme, the choice was made to analyse these transformations in light of the notion of “crisis”, by focusing on the specific consequences brought about by the convergence of various kinds of crises. The research centre brings together sociologists, historians, anthropologists, political scientists, economists, psychologists and philosophers.

CERMES3 is a research unit of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research, UMR 8211), INSERM (National Institute for Medical Research, U 988), the EHESS, (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences), and the University of Paris. It is associated with two Labex (Laboratory of Excellence): Sites and Tepsis.

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